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Natasha Guynes runs for Baltimore City Council District 10!

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Peter Franchot endorses Natasha Guynes

Maryland State Comptroller, Peter Franchot endorses Natasha Guynes for Baltimore City Council, District 10

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Peter Franchot Wades into Baltimore City Council Primary

“Like me, she believes in the ‘Three Rs’ — respectful, responsive and results-oriented delivery of public services, and plans to hold agencies accountable for meeting those standards,” Franchot wrote of Guynes. “And like me, she has no use for machine politics, and believes that our leaders should be solely accountable to the people who hired them, and not the political bosses at City Hall or Annapolis.”

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How a squeegee kid became my new friend and campaign worker | COMMENTARY, Baltimore Sun, Written By: Natasha Guynes

A story of how I became friends with the young man who now works for my City Council campaign.

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I think we have to address the human level issues in my district. And the only way we are going to do that is to invest in those investing in us: from the homeowners to the businesses.

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Diamond K. Show

I like to think of this more public service and less about politics… for me it’s about being of service, a public servant, and doing what I say, and set out to do.

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Natasha Guynes is Helping Young Women to Thrive, University of Baltimore

It's a form of strength, Guynes says, of human resilience that deserves love and respect, not judgment. From that vantage point, she says, it's easy to distinguish what can help women who are struggling, and what will simply be an easy way of shifting blame and abdicating every person's responsibility to the greater good.

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Baltimore City Organizations Looking To Help Victims Of Human Trafficking

Natasha Guynes, The Founder & President of HER Resiliency Center talks about the vulnerabilities faced by marginalized communities.

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