Like the city, Natasha has weathered many storms through grit, perseverance, intellect and hard work.

Like the city, Natasha has weathered many storms through grit, perseverance, intellect and hard work.

Natasha is a lifelong community leader who has dedicated her career to local social justice advocacy.

Natasha leveraged her extensive background in managing Congressional offices and advocacy organizations to take her personal story and found HER Resiliency Center (HER). She credits the trajectory of her life’s success to the women who supported and mentored her as she navigated her own recovery from addiction, abuse, and exploitation. As such, Natasha can personally attest to the success that a vulnerable person can achieve if given mentorship, respect, and compassion. With HER, Natasha has created an organization that gives hundreds of women the same support, mentorship, and sense of community that allowed her to become a self-sufficient and independent adult.

Prior to founding HER, Natasha served on Capitol Hill in the offices of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI), and the Senate Commission on Long-Term Care. In Natasha’s time on Capitol Hill she helped lead the fight for a federal minimum wage and affordable healthcare.

Later, Natasha worked for the non-profit organization Media Matters for America. In her roles on and off the Hill, Natasha has overseen the development and financial management of multi-million dollar budgets, managed senior level executives, and supervised teams of up to 75 diverse staff members.

Natasha received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from Trinity-Washington University. After college, she gave a “year of service” to AmeriCorps, working at a substance use recovery program.

In 2014, Natasha was accepted to the Master’s of Public Administration program at the University of Baltimore.

Natasha is a resident of Baltimore’s Pigtown neighborhood. She believes in and strives to create opportunities for herself and others to celebrate and support women's leadership, entrepreneurship, and mentorship through public speaking, and volunteerism.

I am not satisfied with "good enough." Our district has continued to go downhill while those of us who want change now are told to "wait our turn." I cannot sit on the sidelines. I am not afraid to question the status quo and as your voice in City Council, I will demand that our district get the attention and resources it deserves.