Get Involved!

Why I'm running!

Baltimore needs city leaders who put our needs first. No more promoting self-serving agendas. We must have a government that is as good as its people. Getting the facts about each and every neighborhood in the city, and using that information to address the problems that drive us apart, will allow Baltimore to live up to its tremendous promise.

I served as a staff person in the United States Senate. I know that money can push everything else aside. Especially in Baltimore's most challenged neighborhoods, money is a huge factor. While working for multiple U.S. Senators, I led their ethics compliance efforts. My job was to ensure that funds were not improperly spent, that members did not get caught up in conflicts of interest, and that quid pro quo situations were consistently avoided. Now, more than ever, Baltimore needs a Councilperson who can and will stand strong in city government on ethics and transparency.

We need leaders who bring people together and get us moving in the right direction. That’s why I’m running: to end the days of city hall getting in the way of progress, and to chart a new pathway forward for 2020 and beyond.

The Issues

We must do better for our Children

Every child in Baltimore deserves access to a good education that will prepare them for the future. It is imperative that every public school receive the funding they need to do right by our educators AND provide a safe, and accessible educational environment. The Kirwan Commission is a good start but Natasha is dedicated to ensuring that the City Council approves a budget that does their part and addresses the demoralizing deterioration of many of our school’s physical plant and infrastructure.

We must offer non-traditional employment opportunities to our youth, not all kids want to go to college -- opportunities that they can grow into careers. We should enhance the development opportunities of our local businesses such as CDL schools and trade schools that will provide a path to careers and not just jobs. We should double down on supporting innovative partnerships like Job Opportunities Task Force’s Jump Start partnership with the building trades Unions.

Support Local and Small Businesses, and Create More Jobs

We need to create innovation and business investment opportunities in the 10th District of Baltimore to offer more jobs and grow our economy. We must support small and home-grown businesses across the district, as they tend to hire from the neighborhood. As an entrepreneur, Natasha understands first-hand the difficulty of “getting started” with a new business and will ensure that entrepreneurs in the 10th have every resource and opportunity to be successful.

Safe Families, Safe Neighborhoods with Safe housing

There is a lack of affordable, livable housing in Baltimore, which means that long-time residents are having a harder and harder time staying in their homes. Creating more affordable housing options is vital to growing Baltimore’s population and tax base. Critically, Natasha will advocate for residents with developers to ensure that new housing projects are designed to serve the needs of existing communities, not oppose them.

Addressing Poverty in our District

How can Maryland be both the nation's wealthiest state, and the home of a persistent, multi-generational lack of opportunity that keeps a quarter of Baltimore's population in poverty? It's not an accident: Decades of state and local leaders have failed to correct this problem. Starting with a $15 minimum wage and a strengthened living wage ordinance, Natasha will get to work on addressing the deep inequities that keep generations of our citizens entrenched in poverty.

Reducing Crime and Create Space for Re-Entry

For too long, Baltimore’s leaders have claimed to be “tough on crime” while ignoring the fact that the cycle of crime begins with poverty. Nearly one-third of Maryland prisoners are from Baltimore City. Baltimore is over-policed and under-served. Natasha believes it’s past time to rebuild the relationship between the Baltimore Police Department, city residents, and the State’s Attorney’s Office to help stop this cycle of crime. Natasha supports strong re-entry plans for residents coming out of incarceration, including providing job skills training and employment programs.

Creating Paths for Women, Creating Opportunities for our Families

The majority of Baltimore households are headed by women, and issues affecting women affect the entire city. This is why Natasha believes in setting all women up for success. Natasha will demand that the City develop and fund a comprehensive plan to address the diverse needs of women in this City- from the recent High School graduate to the retired widow fighting to age in place in her home. This is not just a good idea, it’s been Natasha’s life work ! When we strive to help women succeed, everyone wins.